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On 30-Mar-2000 Tim Janik wrote:


> i guess the best solution so far has been presented by
>, i.e. suggesting to let gtk form
> a profile for certain applications that can be used to strip
> it down for specific purposes.

that was actually a really neat tidbit of wisdom, not only for embedded
systems, but other microsystems, like a system install program or custom
utility disk set... mix that and the fbdev target... :)

> another thing that hasn't really been mentioned here is, there are
> quite a bunch of places in gtk and glib where we trade memory for
> speed. while i don't suggest we actually trim structures to squeeze
> the last byte, there's still plenty of room for optimizations in
> the caching arena. i guess adding a configure option to optimize
> for memory and honouring that in a couple of code portions will
> have a greater impact than sorting out random widgets.

memory has been the most brutal hit for me personally, I have to pick the most
boring plain themes and stuff and find things I can kill to conserve memory. I
personally would be quite willing to trade some of that speed away for some
memory (sure, it's quicker to use an O(nlgn) algorithm instead of an O(n^2) ...
until you try running it in swap...)

would it be too much to ask for a --conservative-memory flag and #ifdef the
smaller/slower algorithms in place? (or put in the framework and some docs so
future gtk hackers/gnomers in the same situation as me can fill in the blanks)

The only box I have that doesn't suffer severe memory attrition is my bsd box
at work, and I can't code the stuff I love to code at work, I have to code icky
work crap... 


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