Re: Framebuffer port of GTK/GDK !!

Do you guys know about the first commercial Linux-PDA called Yopy?
It debuted internationally at Cebit 2000 in Hannover.
It's developed by our company, GMate. And I'm a S/W engineer in GMate.
Yopy uses StrongARM 1110 CPU, ARMLinux, W-Window, and Wt.
Yopy is the very first commercial handheld device based on Linux.
I think, if GTK/GDK would be ported to Embedded Linux system, Yopy is
very good platform for it.
We use W-Window system which was first created by Scherer in Germany and
upgraded by many people like Linux.
It was mono-based system and first used in Atari system.
And we have modified W-Window to support 8/16/32 bits framebuffer.
W-Window has Wt(W toolkit) and some application like small web browser,game,editor,
clock, W-eye,etc...
W-Window proved to be a good system for embedded Linux system by Yopy at Cebit.
And many Linux guys encourage us. we are very pleased and proud of it. :-)
Our W-window's current status is under developmentment, it become very different from original W.
Currently, W supports Doom ( just on PC at now, but we will support Doom in Yopy with IrDA,
wow...Doom death match in a Linux PDA..isn't it amazing??
kuku.. I am Doom and Quake buff :-).... ), and 2-byte character code.
If GTK/GDK looks for a good framebuffer window server system,
I think W-Window is one of the best choice.
W-Window we modified is not yet opened because it is just under developement.
We will release Yopy in Korea for beta-testing on mid-April.
When we launch Yopy on mid-July, we will follow GPL license(GPL or LGPL ^.^) ,
and you guys will see the product and our source code.
( Linux kernel source and ,you know, W is also GPLed :-))
For more information,
W-Window's main web-page is
GMate's home page is
our W-window's screenshot #1 is
#2 is
and YOPY in CEBIT 2000's screenshots is
How about that? isn't it good? ^.^..
Best Regards

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