Re: GTK+ Future timelines and features, help needed ???

-> One thing that I would LOVE to see is a general review of all the widgets,
-> and make them expose most of their functionality through arguments.

	This sounds like JavaBeans.  If we used the GtkArg system and had
a JavaBeans-like spec, we could even make the object's functionality show
up at runtime.

-> way language bindings could have a generic interface to things using
-> gtk_object_setv / gtk_object_getv instead of having to access things inside
-> the structure directly.

	Besides language bindings, IDEs (and people :) would be able to
realize a widget's functionality without any prior knowledge of the widget
(I'm thinking of the beanbox here).

	Only thing is, to use 3rd-party widgets in this manner (which is
what beans are really good for) we would need some kind of plug-in or
shared object standard to compare to Java's ability to load an arbitrary
.class or .jar file.  Hmm, I haven't really thought this through...

-> I'd be willing to help on this, but I'm not sure when I'm going to have
-> time.  I'm looking at taking another few months off from work in late
-> february, so I might be able to find time then.

	Hey Bill, how are things at Aventail :)?  (We met briefly at Spry)

--Derek Simkowiak

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