Re: the *-config scripts

(some probs with mail here, so I'm putting both replies in one message)

John R. Sheets wrote:
> On Monday, June 05, 2000, Martijn van Beers <> wrote:
> *) do we want to support the --libs-only-[Ll] flags gnome-config
>    supports (what are they used for anyway) ?
> For one thing, with automake, you have to separate the library paths
> (-L) from the library objects (-l), between the _LDFLAGS and
> _LDADD/_LIBADD variables.

Actually, no. From the automake info docs:

   `PROG_LDADD' is inappropriate for passing program-specific linker
flags (except for `-l' and `-L').  So, use the `PROG_LDFLAGS' variable
for this purpose.

Owen Taylor wrote:
> Havoc Pennington <> writes:
> > Martijn van Beers <> writes:
> > > *) gnome-config in HEAD has support for several different
> > >    interface versions of a library to be installed. Do we want
> > >    to support this in pkgconfig as well?
> > Don't you just do this by installing package "gnome1", "gnome2", etc.?
> This doesn't feel right to me. We definitely want to support simultaneous
> GTK+-1.2 and 1.4 build environments in the short term. I don't think that
> means we want to have gtk-config --libs gtk14.
> It's possible that a path is sufficient to handle this. If you want
> the 1.2 development environment you put /usr/share/pkgconfig first in
> your path, if you want the 1.4 development environment; you put
> /opt/gtk14/pkgconfig first in your path.

The current in gnome-libs HEAD wants its * files

I'm cross-posting to gnome-hackers to let the author explain why it doesn't
use a path like explained above, which does indeed sound simpler. (although
I think you'd want to replace the path instead of reordering it)


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