Re: chubbiness reduction

On 6 Jul 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> "Daniel Richard G." <> writes:
> > 
> > Semi-on-topic rant:
> > 
> Before I even read it: we are taking patches. ;-) We've been totally
> overloaded finishing GTK 2, and we're to the stage where we barely
> have time to finish what's on the list now, so no new stuff on the
> TODO list.

I've no problem with submitting patches, but I don't think a huge patchfile
that touches almost every .c file under gtk/ would make your day...

(well, one that didn't come from somebody that knows a *lot* more about
this stuff than I do, anyway :]

> > but use 1,1 for the scrollbar, etc. Not being able to override these on a
> > widget-by-widget basis (by having {x,y}thickness as fields in
> > GtkWidgetClass, for example) is making the final look much less successful
> > than it could have been. 
> Fixed in GTK 2.0 already. xthickness/ythickness are now in the style
> instance rather than the style class.

Okay, that's an improvement. But you can still only have one default style
at any given time. I need to have the theme_init() code specify (basically) 
e.g. "all Gtk{H,V}Scrollbar widgets should have thickness 1,1, all GtkFrame
widgets should have thickness 2,2, and everything else 3,3," etc.  It would
need to specify the style (and thus particular values for {x,y}thickness)
for all future instances of a particular widget. From looking at the docs,
you can only change the initial style of a widget if you surround the
gtk_*_new() call with gtk_widget_push_style() and _pop_style(), inside
application code. (Please correct me if this has changed too)

That's why I was theorizing having xthickness/ythickness in GtkWidgetClass,
so that you could get some GtkFooClass in theme_init(), and set
foo_class->parent_class.parent_class.parent_class.xthickness = my_x (or
similar) however you want. No differently than if you were specifying a new
default scrollbar width, or check indicator size, etc.

> Well, you got out of the patch-sending. Maybe you can port your engine
> to GTK 1.3 for us, and report bugs in this stuff. ;-)

Sounds fair enough, although building 1.3 turned out to be a bit more of an
adventure than I could handle. Where are AM_PATH_PROG_WITH_TEST and
AM_LC_MESSAGES defined, anyway?


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