Re: Gdk interface to XDrawImageString?

Peter <zed linux com> writes:

> Hi All,
> Just wondering if there are any plans for a way to access XDrawImageString
> via gdk? You can pretty much do every text-drawing function with gdk,
> except this one.

No, no plans. And in fact, the complete set of direct Xlib text drawing
functions will be semi-deprecated in GTK+-2.0 in favor of Pango-based
> While I'm talking about XDrawImageString, I noticed something strange
> about it. It's supposed to be a flicker-free way to draw text (or so the
> XLib manual says) because it draws the background and text "at the same
> time". But with certain fonts, it still flickers. For example with "fixed"
> it works fine, but with "Courier (Adobe)" it flickers. I can't understand
> why this is. Is it just a XFree86'ism?

My guess is that something else is drawing the background of the
window, or, maybe it just flickers.

The way to avoid flicker, much more comprehensively, is to use 
double-buffering, and GTK+-2.0 makes this trivial.


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