Re: supporting antialiased text in gdk


> > > The linux-fb port uses anitialiased text rendered by freetype, and since
> > > other ports may start using antialiased text rendering in the future i
> > > think we need to discuss some issues that has appeared due to this.
> >
> > Where is that code? I can't find it:
> >
> > static void
> > gdk_fb_draw_text(GdkDrawable    *drawable,
> > 		 GdkFont        *font,
> > 		 GdkGC          *gc,
> > 		 gint            x,
> > 		 gint            y,
> > 		 const gchar    *text,
> > 		 gint            text_length)
> > {
> >   g_warning ("gdk_fb_draw_text NYI");
> > }
> >
> > I'd like to turn linux-fb into linux-console font, and draw_text is
> > vital for me.
> linux-console font? I can't parse that sentence, but the rasterization is
> done in gdkpango-fb.c and the aa drawing of the glyphs is in
> gdkdrawable-fb.c and gdkrender-fb.c.

Oops, sorry.

I meant to say:

I'd like to turn linux-fb into linux-console port [yes, making it
possible to draw in text mode; see]. text mode
functions are vital for me.

I did cvs update today, with cvsroot 

pavel bug:~/gnome/gtk+$ cat CVS/Root
:pserver:pavel cvs gimp org:/cvs/gnome
pavel bug:~/gnome/gtk+$

READme says

This is GTK+ version 1.3.2. GTK+, which stands for the Gimp ToolKit,

This should be the current version, right? I can't find files you

pavel bug:~/gnome/gtk+$ find . -name gdkdrawable-fb.c
pavel bug:~/gnome/gtk+$

but I have gdkdrawable-fb2. Unfortunately, it just puts up warning
about "not yet implemented" in function gdk_fb_draw_text.

I'm pavel ucw cz  "In my country we have almost anarchy and I don't care."
Panos Katsaloulis describing me w.r.t. patents at discuss linmodems org

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