Re: Islamic implementation query

* Wolfgang Sourdeau (wolfgang ultim net) wrote at 14:05 on 02/12/00:
> La plume légère, à Sat, Dec 02, 2000 at 12:53:28AM -0200, heure d'inpiration,
> Ali Abdin écrivait en ces mots:
> > in gdate.h there is a 'GDateDMY' to show the order of the date. There is no
> > reason for this to be "gregorian" based only. Should we somehow factor out
> > this functionality into a "common" file or should i implement my own
> > GDateIslamicDMY?
> > 
> > In Islamic calendars we obviously have our own days, but they are in arabic.
> > Should I use the arabic transliteration (i.e. AHD, ETHNEEN, THALATH, etc.) or
> > should I use Sunday, Monday, Tuesday (note AHD == Sunday, ETHNEEN = Monday,
> > THALATH = Tuesday). We will already use transliteration for the month names
> > (e.g. RAMADAN) but there is no "equivelant" for RAMADAN in English - but there
> > is an equivelant for the days.
> > 
> > If I should use the english days, does that mean we should factor out
> > GDateWeekDay, or should I implement my own GDateIslamicWeekday ?
> The Islamic weeks are the same as the Judaic and Christian weeks. So there is
> normally no reason to create something apart. The translation for each day
> should be put in a PO file.

I'm talking about the code. C code is not translatable ;)

There will not be anything in the PO file because we don't use strings, just
enum's and numbers (its up to the application to do proper translation).
> The only things which are different is the amount of days in a year, the amount
> of months in a year.

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