Islamic implementation query

I began implementing a glib "drop-in" for Islamic calendar support. I have
some questions though.

in gdate.h there is a 'GDateDMY' to show the order of the date. There is no
reason for this to be "gregorian" based only. Should we somehow factor out
this functionality into a "common" file or should i implement my own

In Islamic calendars we obviously have our own days, but they are in arabic.
Should I use the arabic transliteration (i.e. AHD, ETHNEEN, THALATH, etc.) or
should I use Sunday, Monday, Tuesday (note AHD == Sunday, ETHNEEN = Monday,
THALATH = Tuesday). We will already use transliteration for the month names
(e.g. RAMADAN) but there is no "equivelant" for RAMADAN in English - but there
is an equivelant for the days.

If I should use the english days, does that mean we should factor out
GDateWeekDay, or should I implement my own GDateIslamicWeekday ?

Oh, and should it be GIslamicDate or GDateIslamic? ;)


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