Re: GtkIconList (from GtkExtra package)

-> > 	Havoc said that the GtkIconList object, shipped with GtkExtra, was
-> > not suitable for inclusion into Gtk+.
-> Sorry, it appears I was thinking of this post about GtkSheet:

	An easy mistake to make, given that GtkSheet is also part of the 
GtkExtra package.

	I've only briefly looked at the GtkIconList code, but the variable
and function names read just like any other piece of 'standard' Gtk+ code.  
It ships with a simple test proggy, too.  (I have a minor beef with the
spacing that the inline-editing box uses, but that's easy to correct, I'm

	Could we consider this icon list for inclusion into Gtk+ 1.4?  
I'd really like to use it in my file selector, if it turns out to be
"worthy" code.  (...and not having an icon list in Gtk+ really sucks.)

	It's part of the GtkExtra package, available from:

Derek Simkowiak

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