gdk-pixbuf merge


We need to start looking at the gdk-pixbuf merge; it would have to
happen in the next month or so.
One approach is to keep gdk-pixbuf basically as-is, and make GTK but
not GDK depend on it. Another is to make GDK depend on the gdk-pixbuf
base, and move the render_to_drawable code from gdk-pixbuf in to GDK.


 - Do we want the gdk-pixbuf dependency for GDK, or only for GTK+.

 - Logistical problem: we have to maintain the current gdk-pixbuf 
   with the render functions included for some time. How do 
   we organize the code to permit this? If only GTK depends on 
   gdk-pixbuf, but gdk-pixbuf depends on GDK, how do we organize the 
   source trees and releases?

 - We need a widget to display a pixbuf. I think an option worth 
   considering is to mutate GtkImage so that it can display a 
   GdkImage, GdkPixmap, GdkPixbuf, or GtkIconSet. Then we have 
   a single image-display widget, with the proper name, and 
   it's even backward compatible (not that many people use GtkImage
   anyway). GtkPixmap and GnomePixmap would become deprecated.

This will take some time to implement, so these decisions need to be
made _soon_.


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