TODO list - double-click time, global customization, control panel


I started investigating some of the GTK+ TODO list items,
I wrote some experimental code last night:

"Customizable double-click timeout"
I added new functions, gdk_set_double_click_time &
gdk_get_double_click_time, to gdkevents.h

"Allow global customization"
I created a new "GtkGlobals" object which stores the global params.
This object should be a "singleton".
This object should be initialized somewhere in gtk_init or gtk_main
somewhere.  Suggestions?
It persists its state to a file (~/.gtkrc.globals)
It currently does not use the gtk_rc_* functions to read from the file,
maybe it should.
I looked at the theme-switcher capplet code in control-center,
can anyone point me to any other code that writes gtk rc files?

"GUI-editable means of user configuration"
screenshot here:

Let me know what you think,
Matt Bissiri

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