Re: Alternative DnD cursors

Owen Taylor wrote:
> Damon Chaplin <> writes:
> > Here's my attempt at some better DnD cursors.
> > Build & run the attached program to see them and compare them with
> > the current ones.
> Hey, wait! That's not fair. You've inverted the current ones!
> Apply the following patch to testcursor to _actually_ compare
> with the current ones.

Oh yeah, they look _much_ better now ;-)

> Some problems I've seen with the current ones:
>  - People don't recognize the arrow and plus as action symbols
>  - People expect the hotspot to be at the plus, or at the
>    tip of the middle of the plus, not at the corner.

Also, if you aren't using an icon as well as the cursor, they just look odd.
(I'm not sure what proportion of drag operations you expect to set an icon.)

> The concerns I'd have with your designs:
>  - They are almost exact clones of the Windows ones

Great minds think alike! Actually the only thing I really pinched was the
little link. The arrow came from a standard X cursor.


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