Re: PATCH: Fix for gtk_widget_show_all on Notebooks.

On Mon, 17 Apr 2000, Craig M. Buchek wrote:

> The following patch fixes gtk_widget_show_all for containers that have
> normal children and "internal" children.  An example of an "internal"
> child is the Notebook widget.  The problem is that there are two methods
> for iterating over children.  The forall method includes the "internal"
> children and the foreach method does not.  The current
> gtk_widget_show_all picked the wrong one, leading to the following
> exchange on the list about a month ago:

gtk_container_show_all() intentionally only iterates over the non-internal
children of a container. a container is responsible to show/hide internal
widgets on its own, if special handling is required wrg to show_all, then
it can override and chain the default GtkContainerClass.show_all() method.


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