Re: TODO List Item: Integrate New Color Selector

	I think the main problem with the GTK+ color selection dialog is
something Windows got right -- a color history with some default colors
which you can jump to.  This allows you to match colors between
applications more easily.  I can make a GIMP mock up, but KDE and Windows
both seem to have it. (Although the color selector they have for
"custom" colors is terrible.)

On Sun, 9 Apr 2000, David Santiago wrote:

> Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 17:10:12 -0700 (PDT)
> From: David Santiago <>
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> Subject: TODO List Item: Integrate New Color Selector
> Resent-Date: 13 Apr 2000 00:33:25 -0000
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> Hello again. This item interested me, so I spent a few hours last night
> and today working with it. I grabbed the gnome-colorsel module and started
> to put it into GTK+ as the default color selector widget. ( I know, I
> know, I should really ask before I do it). Anyhow, here's a short list of
> how things are changed. 
> *The structures and functions are renamed from ...selection2... to 
> ...selection....
> *Moved gtk-color-selection2.c,h to gtkcolorsel.c,h  (etc)
> *Fixed a bug where the HSV wheel wasn't drawing right (in gtkhsv.c). 
> *Added the GtkColorSelectionDialog into [the new] gtkcolorsel.c,h (few
> changes). 
> *Made the color palette not display by default (doesn't seem to make sense
> to do this by default). (Also made sure it's initialized to behave this
> way). 
> *Ditto for opacity. 
> *Removed the frame from around the GtkColorSelection in the
> *GtkColorSelectionDialog, and instead put in an hseparator between the
> GtkColorSelection and the buttons along the bottom. (Looks prettier) 
> *Removed the gnome test program stuff. 
> The files are very different, so a diff would basically remove everything
> in the original and add in what's in the new one. In addition, a lot of
> the code is in the file gtkhsv.c,h, which is not checked into CVS. Because
> of this, and because the patch is really big (~115k), I haven't included
> it. Instead, I've included a picture of the default
> GtkColorSelectionDialog. (Take from testgtk, of course). 
> So basically, if you guys haven't got anyone else working on this, what
> are the other issues that need to be addressed with this piece of
> code? I've found all the ones I know about, but the guys who original
> wrote this thing are probably aware of more. 
> Thanks, 
>    David :) 


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