TODO List Item: Integrate New Color Selector

Hello again. This item interested me, so I spent a few hours last night
and today working with it. I grabbed the gnome-colorsel module and started
to put it into GTK+ as the default color selector widget. ( I know, I
know, I should really ask before I do it). Anyhow, here's a short list of
how things are changed. 

*The structures and functions are renamed from ...selection2... to 
*Moved gtk-color-selection2.c,h to gtkcolorsel.c,h  (etc)
*Fixed a bug where the HSV wheel wasn't drawing right (in gtkhsv.c). 
*Added the GtkColorSelectionDialog into [the new] gtkcolorsel.c,h (few
*Made the color palette not display by default (doesn't seem to make sense
to do this by default). (Also made sure it's initialized to behave this
*Ditto for opacity. 
*Removed the frame from around the GtkColorSelection in the
*GtkColorSelectionDialog, and instead put in an hseparator between the
GtkColorSelection and the buttons along the bottom. (Looks prettier) 
*Removed the gnome test program stuff. 

The files are very different, so a diff would basically remove everything
in the original and add in what's in the new one. In addition, a lot of
the code is in the file gtkhsv.c,h, which is not checked into CVS. Because
of this, and because the patch is really big (~115k), I haven't included
it. Instead, I've included a picture of the default
GtkColorSelectionDialog. (Take from testgtk, of course). 

So basically, if you guys haven't got anyone else working on this, what
are the other issues that need to be addressed with this piece of
code? I've found all the ones I know about, but the guys who original
wrote this thing are probably aware of more. 

   David :) 


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