Some time ago, I created a small library that would work with
gdk-pixbuf to allow the saving of images.  It's not complete, in that
it lacks support for several image types, and doesn't have all the
autoconf/make stuff, which I've never used.  But it does seem to work
for me, which was a pleasant surprise, given my lack of
graphics/gtk/gdk programming experience.

It would still be preferable, IMO, to integrate the load and save
libraries, so that you would have some chance of using and saving
format specific information at load time.

Or, I'd still be happy just to find an image loading/saving library
that doesn't require an X server (as IMlib does)...

Anyway, I've attached gdk-pixbuf-save, as it's relatively small.

David N. Welton, Responsabile Progetti Open Source, Linuxcare Italia spa
tel +39.049.8043411 fax +39.049.8043412 cel +39.348.2879508,
Linuxcare. Support for the revolution.


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