Re: glib arg parser

Popt seems to be a library that is on most systems by default (at least,
most Linux systems).  Would it be enough to just "Strongly Recommend" it
to Glib users and programmers?


On 31 Mar 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> It would be nice if glib had an argument parser. GTK already contains
> some argument parsing stuff which could be replaced with a more
> general system.
> Proposal: popt seems to be very nice and meet all the needs anyone has
> every come up with for an argument parser. Let's do a glib-style
> wrapper for the interface, then ship a copy of popt with glib,
> optionally using an already-installed popt instead. popt headers would
> not be installed, popt would simply be used internally for the
> implementation of the glib arg parser.
> Alternative proposal: do a permanent fork of popt, making it more
> glib-like, and put that in glib.

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