Forbid PRELIGHT state

 Sometimes it is required to forbid widget redraw when state is changed 
to prelight (Notif or Redmond95 themes). When mouse cursor
enters button or check button or some other widget,gtk_state_change 
signal is emitted and widget redraws it should remain 
I mean PRELIGHT style shouldn't be applied to the widget.
Instead of solving this problem, ugly hack is used by programmers:
GtkStyle[PRELIGHT] is set the same as GtkStyle[NORMAL]
This hack is used in some GTK themes, GNOME Pager applet,GNOME main
menu (for menu headers) Redrawing widget using the same style causes 
flicker on my S3 TRIO 64V+

I think that something like a FORBID_PRELIGHT flag should be added to 
GtkWidget structure, and widget drawing routines should be modified to 
check this flag.

P.S. I can try to implement this change if GTK+ Team will support this 
P.P.S Sorry if you already read this message in gtk-list. I think 
gtk-devel-list is better place for this.

Tavs bezmaksas pasts -

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