Re: [gtk-list] ANNOUNCE: GTK+ 1.2.5-pre2 (please test)

Tim Janik wrote:
> Hi fellow hackers,
> we are planning to shortly release version 1.2.5 of GTK+.
> Since the changes from 1.2.4 to 1.2.5 are more extensive
> then typical for a stable branch, we've made up the second
> pre release tarball gtk+-1.2.5-pre1.tar.gz for you to test
> out and make sure that it works correctly with your
> applications.

FWIW: I just loaded the 1.2.5pre2 on a RedHat5.2 system,
installed it, and recompiled gtksheet7.10, and tried runing
it on a VaxStation as an X terminal. (Trying to get this
widget into a useful state for me)

With version 1.2.4, it would die with a 'BadValue' 'serial 1198
error code 2, request_code 12, monor code 0'. With version
1.2.5pre2, it will now bring up the window without the crash.

Thanks, that's one less bug I'll have to try to figure out!
May all my other problems disappear as easily.

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