Re: Bug in gtkgamma.h

Tomi Ollila wrote:

> ... All this consistency talk has a reason: I am developing an application
> that is used to browse information of GTK+ objects. For this I've developed
> a perl script (attached at the end of this file) which given a gtk+ source
> directory can figure out the whole GTK+ class tree, all the object and
> class structures, public functions by parsing throught the header files in
> that directory. W/ that info it also parses the object argument adding
> calls from corresponding *.c source files and outputs not just the argument
> name, but variable type and arg options.

You might want to look at gtk-doc, which parses the GTK+ (and Gnome) header
files to produce documentation. It also creates a C program to dynamically
query libraries to find the object hierarchy and the signals and args all
the objects support.

You can get gtk-doc and the documentation from 


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