Re: Too long menus

On Tue, 7 Sep 1999, David Odin wrote:
>   Your code looks great! But I still do not understand why people doesn't
> use a GtkComboBox instead of an option menu when the number of option is huge.
> GtkComboBox are rather easy to use and have an included scrollbar when needed.
>   Your patch is ok for people insisting on using option-menu for something
> they weren't designed for, though.

No no no, the combo is for when you can also type something in the box, if
you have a fixed option set you should use option menu. Combo doesn't make
a shred of sense if you can't type in the box (why does it look like an
entry if you can't type?). :-)

GtkMenu is broken in this respect and it's nice to finally see a patch.


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