Re: Too long menus

On Mon, Sep 06, 1999 at 06:06:57PM -0600, Matt Kimball wrote:
> Hello GTK+ folks.
> One particular itch of mine about GTK+ apps is when you've got an
> option menu with enough options that the menu height is actually
> taller than your screen height.  You can't get to some of the options
> because they run off the screen.
> So, how to fix this problem?  I thought it might be nice if the menu
> code truncated the menu to fit the screen and put arrows at the top
> and/or bottom of the menu to indicate more options are available.  And
> if the user moves her mouse over the arrows, the menu would scroll
> through the available options until she finds the one she needs.
> So, I got to work and started hacking up the gtkmenu.c code yesterday.
> As of today I've got scroll arrows working on menus which are too
> long.  A patch against GTK+ 1.2.4 is attached.  It seems to apply
> cleanly to the current CVS version too, but I haven't tested that.
> The code could stand to be cleaned up and there are some rough edges
> in the behavior, so I wouldn't necessarily expect you folks to include
> the patch as-is.
> But, do y'all think this is the best way to handle the problem?  Is
> this a solution worth pursuing?  Any ideas how to avoid that obnoxious
> flicker while scrolling?  

  Your code looks great! But I still do not understand why people doesn't
use a GtkComboBox instead of an option menu when the number of option is huge.
GtkComboBox are rather easy to use and have an included scrollbar when needed.

  Your patch is ok for people insisting on using option-menu for something
they weren't designed for, though.



Almost anything derogatory you could say about today's software design
would be accurate.
		-- K.E. Iverson

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