Re: [Fwd: Re: [gtk-list] ANNOUNCE: GTK+ 1.2.5pre1 (please test)]

On 5 Sep 1999, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Hmmm,
> That's reasonably normal in all respects; though not a very
> reproducible configuration.
> Just to make sure we are debugging the right thing, could you
> make sure:
>  1) You actually installed the new version of GTK+. (I've 
>     made that mistake a few times. With glibc-2.0, testing
>     in place doesn't work)
>  2) (using ldd) Your apps are linking against the copy of
>     GTK+ that you've just installed.
> Beyond that - the lack of drawing on resizes should be the
> easier thing to debug if you are interested in going in with
> a debugger. When the user resizes a window, the 
>  if (window->handling_resizes)

Yes all Applications links against the new libs...

I dont know if this could be something.
But it looks like gtk should call all widgets size_allocate callback
first time the childwidgets is shown/realized or when user resize the

Am i right?

Because the thing is that first time it calls size_allocate the height is
1 on the child widgets? 

The widget should the change this value if it want to have more?
It looks like the callback is not reading this values first time and this
means the widget height is set to 1. And all those widgets is only show a
tiny line. 

Next when i resize the window it will show all widgets correctly. But
there will still be problem with the menus because it only calls
size_allocate ones. And ofcourse the menus will never be resized.



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