Re: [Fwd: Re: [gtk-list] ANNOUNCE: GTK+ 1.2.5pre1 (please test)]

Mikael Hermansson <> writes:

> No it's not ready for release...
> I have downloaded from anonymous CVS tonight and its says its 1.2.5.
> So probadly the CVS is uptodate but GTK 1.2.5 is heavy broken on my
> system.
> First lots of applications will not show menus/toolbars/listboxes
> anything.... If I resize the window the expose event is sent and it
> shows widgets correctly, but sometimes not...
> * If I click on the menubar only a blank box without menuitems will
> showup...

OK, none of us have seen this:

 - What operating system are you using?
 - Is there anything special about your box? (particularly slow?
   particularly fast? running over a remote connection?)
 - If these are GNOME apps, what version of gnome-libs are
   you using?
We (of course) really want to track this down. 

> Looks like the resize API is broken. Sometimes I get warnings like:
> gtk_widget_size_allocate(): attempt to allocate widget 
> width 244 and height 65527

Assumming that the app producing these warnings is gnome-terminal,
This is a problem with GnomeDock. It is size_allocating 
widgets that it never called size_request on. Since the
only problem here is the warnings being printed out, and
since we can easily fix the warning by fixing gnome-libs, I
don't think we have to go back to ignoring this 
broken hehavior.

Thanks for the report,

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