[gtk-list] ANNOUNCE: GTK+ 1.2.5pre1 (please test) (fwd)

hi all,

this release especially adresses the resizing problems
recently reported.
we'd apprechiate if those people that encountered
resizing problems in their applications could try
1.2.5-pre1 and report further problems within the
next few days, so any neccessary changes in this
regard can make it into Gtk+1.2.5.


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We are planning to shortly release version 1.2.5 of GTK+.
Since the changes from 1.2.4 to 1.2.5 are more extensive
then typical for a stable branch, we've made up a 1.2.5-pre1
tarball for you to test out and make sure that it works
correctly with your applications.

Areas where significant changes have been made include:

 * Window-hint setting code, and toplevel resizing.
   (This release should fix the problems reported with
    toplevel resizing for 1.2.4)

 * Theme switching and gtk_widget_modify_style()
   [ See note below about possible new memory
     leaks with gtk_widget_modify_style() ]

 * Support for parallel makes.

So please compile this, test those areas vigorously (as well
as anything else you can think of to test) and report any
problems you find.

The complete list of changes is summarized below.

The pre-release is available at:


                                The GTK+ Team

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 1.2.5:

* new configure.in option --disable-rebuilds to completely disable
  rebuilds of autogenerated sources.
* check for 5.002 now, to avoid failing autogeneration build rules due
  to old perl versions.
* fonts (and fontsets) are cached now.
* more autogeneration make rules and dependancy fixups, we should be
  save with autogeneration up to make -j12 now ;)
* new window position GTK_WIN_POS_CENTER_ALWAYS, which will recenter the
  GtkWindow on every size change.
* major rework of window manager hints handling code, fixed a bunch of
  races with the new resizing code.
* the new wm hints and resizing code is absolutely perfect and bug free now,
  it only lacks testing ;)
* fixed up various rc style memory prolems.
* gtk_widget_modify_style() now properly changes the style of realized widgets
  and references the style passed into it. if people worked around this bug,
  this will introduce a slight memory leak in their code.
  The code should typically look like:
            GtkRcStyle *rc_style = gtk_rc_style_new ();
            gtk_widget_modify_style (widget, rc_style);
            gtk_rc_style_unref (rc_style);
* fix problems with positioning menus offscreen.
* GtkText fixes for some crashes and drawing errors.
* Better handling for unexpected window destroys in GDK and GTK+.
  This should make it possible to use a GtkPlug and catch the
  case where its parent socket is randomly killed.
* FAQ updates.
* FileSelection i18n patches, RadioButton fixups.
* miscellaneous other bugs fixed.

GTK+ Team

Shawn T. Amundson               	amundson@eventloop.com	
Research and Development		http://www.eventloop.com/
EventLoop, Inc.				http://www.snorfle.net/

"The assumption that the universe looks the same in every
 direction is clearly not true in reality." - Stephen Hawking

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