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>>>>> "Hans" == Hans Petter Jansson <> writes:

    Hans> Good evening.  I'm wondering if there's any such thing as a
    Hans> "parbox" container widget, a la TeX parboxes, out
    Hans> there. That is, a box that packs its children in a flowing
    Hans> manner - left->right then top->bottom (configurable?).

in a previous posting
I (Basile S.) suggested the same thing for about the same purpose,
some syntax-based editor (or hypertext editor); I would like a complex
widget mixing text, drawing, and subwidgets (for hypertext links,

Unfortunately, I believe that Gtk is too complex to do so. Also, it
seems to me that simple widgets are too heavy in Gtk (>80bytes for a
simple button or label)

So, I am giving up using the Gtk widget set. (I also unsubscribe from
the Gtk lists).

I think that Gtk widgets are quite good, but can't simply be used as
such. They target ordinary, Windows-like applications (same can be
said of KDE/Qt).

(There is also a GTk wrapping of some Xt HTML widget called gtk-xmhtml
in some Gnome library)

By the way, the Efun package by Fabrice Le Fessant" "is an experimental toolkit in
Ocaml which has an hypertext like containing widget which can have
subwidgets (such as button) embedded inside the text. I feel it is a
proof of concept. (you'll need the Ocaml functional langage from

Basile STARYNKEVITCH - 8 rue de la Faiencerie, 92340 BOURG LA REINE (France)
tel email = basile point starynkevitch at wanadoo point fr 
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