Re: my undeveloped GtkFlowLayout (was Re: Parbox)

> I am designing a widget like this but I haven't made a web-page for
> it or anything.  It's called GtkFlowLayout so far, but I might even
> rename it yet.

The mnemonic browser project has written such code
( although we took a slightly different
approach. Instead of doing everything gtk based, we have stored the
layout logic in a gui independent library and only have a very thin
gtk layer on top of that. This way, we can re-use the layout logic for
other toolkits too (and, for instance, for non gui layout problems,
like generating postscript).

If anyone is interested in making this a gtk widget proper and isolate
it completely (which is actually not all that much work), I'd be happy
to assist. Our stuff is implemented in C++ but that doesn't
necessarily have to be visible from the outside.


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