Re: GtkScrollbar requisition problems

On 18 Oct 1999, Owen Taylor wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> There is a problem with the current code in
> gtk_scrolled_window_size_request(). The requisition is computed
> (in some cases) as:
>  usize set on child + scrollbars size if visible

> The problem is that (in the case where a usize is set on the
> child) is that the requested sizse depends on the allocation.

sorry, i don't understand. depends on the allocation of what?
in gtk_scrolled_window_size_request() we only add up requisitions
of the child and/or the scrollbars.

> In some cases (guname in Japanese is an example) this can
> trigger infinite loops of resizes.
> That the requested size cannot depend on the allocation is
> a fundemental rule in GTK+, so this needs to be fixed.

probably, but i don't see the dependancy on the <?> allocation.

> The current code is so incredibly complicated and confusing
> that I think it will have to be rewritten from scratch, but
> I'd be interested to hear your opinion on this matter.

well, there have been a couple of hands on the code to actually
get it right, probably because the goal we try to achive there
is somewhat complicated.
for the requisition at least, the code is imho as straight forward
as it could get, with a description on the assumptions and reasonings
being made at the top of the file.

i guess i need to understand the problem you're mentioning more
thoroughly to give an opinion on what and how it should be fixed
or redone.

> Regards,
>                                         Owen


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