ANNOUNCE : Gtk-- 1.1.1 is released

Gtk-- 1.1.1 is released.

(no 'tada!' this time, it's a minor release. Like most OSS projects,
we're on a shoestring budget, so we're saving on everything, mostly
special effects. That means musical effects, e.g. 'tada!'s).

This is a development release.

You can download it from

Gtk-- still are the C++ wrappers for GTK+ and Gnome, that hasn't
changed since last time.

Changes from v1.1.1 are few, but important : API was revised for
coherence. Many accessors were added, and


was discarded in favor of


That's about it.

Gtk-- is currenlty maintained by

   Tero Pulkkinen <>
   Karl Nelson <>
   Peter Lerner <>
   Todd Dukes <>
   Guillaume Laurent <>


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