ANNOUNCE : Gtk-- 1.1.0 is released

Gtk-- 1.1.0 is released.


You can download it from

If you're in a good mood, Gtk-- are the C++ wrappers for GTK+ and

If you're in a sarcastic mood, you can also think of it as a means of
converting the burden of programming in C++ with arrays, global vars
and regular functions into the hassle of maintaining yet another batch
of librairies on your system, with the added fun that your users will
have to do it too.

All GTK+ widgets are wrapped, and most of the Gnome widgets (those
that aren't are the ones marked as being currently immature).

Gtk-- uses Karl Nelson's libsigc++, which you can download from the
same place, so you won't wear down your mouse marble and button too
much, and avoid arthritis on that index finger which you probably use
for nose-picking as well.

Changes from v1.0.3 are too numerous to be noted here. Also we don't
want to spoil your fun of discovering them. And we lost track of them
long ago anyway).

Gtk-- uses the same version numbering scheme as the Linux kernel, so
this is a development version. However, it is very useable nonetheless
and quite stable. All of the examples from the GTK+ tutorial have been
"translated" to Gtk-- and compile and run fine. We really encourage
interested developpers to download it and switch as soon as they
can. Don't be afraid, we won't bite. Hard.

Of course, some widget APIs aren't guaranteed to remain as they are
now (see URL above for more info, we'll try to maintain a short status
report here). However the more input we get about these the better.

Gtk-- is currenlty maintained by

   Tero Pulkkinen <>
   Karl Nelson <>
   Peter Lerner <>
   Todd Dukes <>
   Guillaume Laurent <>

Austin Powers contributed a one-liner for this announcement.


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