Re: GtkCheckbutton problems

On Wed, Oct 06, 1999 at 03:53:02PM +0200, Alexander Piskunov wrote:
> I have one question: why GtkCheckButton doesn't have it's own GdkWindow?
> I'm not sure, but it seems, that it causes problems while redrawing.
> Especially when GtkCheckButon is packed in to the GtkNotebook page 
> (using boxes,frames or any other containers). When such checkbutton ir 
> redrawed for the first time(for example after enter_notify event, when 
> it's state changes to prelight), entire GtkNotebook page is also 
> redrawed. I tried to backtrace this problem, but those *_queue_* 
> functions in GtkWidget are beyond my knowledge of GTK.
> Perhaps it will better to make GtkCheckbutton widget as a derivative of 
> GtkBin, like GtkButton, or at least modify it to have GdkWindow.
     Last time I've checked, the GtkCheckButton widget *is* a derivative of
GtkButton, and such, *has* its own window.



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