GtkCheckbutton problems

I have one question: why GtkCheckButton doesn't have it's own GdkWindow?
I'm not sure, but it seems, that it causes problems while redrawing.
Especially when GtkCheckButon is packed in to the GtkNotebook page 
(using boxes,frames or any other containers). When such checkbutton ir 
redrawed for the first time(for example after enter_notify event, when 
it's state changes to prelight), entire GtkNotebook page is also 
redrawed. I tried to backtrace this problem, but those *_queue_* 
functions in GtkWidget are beyond my knowledge of GTK.
Perhaps it will better to make GtkCheckbutton widget as a derivative of 
GtkBin, like GtkButton, or at least modify it to have GdkWindow.

Tavs bezmaksas pasts -

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