Re: scrolling and child widgets

> Do you have the X window limit or not? I assume you have, so that
> very long pages won't get displayed correctly. Also, do you mean
> you use a pixmap for double buffering (which I don't want to do)?

No, we do not have the X window limit, as the pixmap attached as
background only has to be as big as the visible part of the page (and
the GtkLayout container handles 32-bit child positions).

In a way the pixmap is a double buffer, but it's a bit more subtle
than that. We have a pixmap for the on-screen part of the page. When
an expose event occurs, we re-write the corresponding part of the
pixmap, then attach it as a background image to the GtkLayout widget
and flush the exposed area. After that, we detach the pixmap again.

Havoc answered your other question meanwhile ;-)


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