Re: Unidentified subject!

On Mon, Nov 22, 1999 at 02:37:46AM +0100, Antonio Campos wrote:
> Certainly we have beaten Windows in a lot a questions, but the
> smoothness of Windows is not only due to the graphics chipset (it's
> an important factor obviously). I think that Windows is not using
> GDI on a few applications. I think is really using DirectDraw to
> write directly to video memory. If it is so, I don't like this way
> of doing things, because DirectDraw is a focus of security problems
> (no restrictions over who writes to video memory...).  Nevertheless,
> I expect GTK to include double buffered widget in future releases...

Don't forget that sometimes X programs are run over a network link.
Smooth scrolling would be slow as hell if it has to be transfered over
that, even if it's 100 BaseT ethernet. It doesn't matter *what* you
use for graphics hardware in this case. And wouldn't double buffering
be *slower* over a network link? If you use standard X calls, only the
commands for those calls are transmitted, but if you use a buffer, you
have to send every pixel in the region over the link, right?


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