Re: Plans for drawing in GDK-1.4.

Owen Taylor wrote:
> I've been recently planning some changes
> to the draw/update model in GDK for 1.4.
> I've put a description of some of my plans at:

I noticed in gtklayout.h that you didn't think the freeze & thaw functions
worked. I just wanted to point out that I have found them useful, when using
a GnomeCanvas.

I needed to scroll the canvas, but have the entire canvas redrawn since
parts of it needed updating. Without the freeze/thaw calls this would flicker,
as the bits were copied around and then the canvas was later redrawn in an
idle handler.

So I hope something like this stays in 1.4, if it is still useful.

Another minor point is that I'm not sure the default widget draw function
(gtk_widget_real_draw) should send an expose event. If you use a widget
like a drawing area, and connect to both "draw" and "expose_event", then
when a "draw" signal is emitted both handlers get called. I'm not sure
it's good for consistency. It took me a while to figure out why I was
drawing everything twice all the time. (Though since this 'feature' is used
in the scribble-simple example, it may be used in a lot of code.)


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