gtk redraw improvement

GTK redraws a little slowly. Would it be nice if the containers (or the
parent widgets) got a pixmap buffer for drawing the children into it, so
that when the widget has to redraw, it splash the final image completely
on the screen?.
This way, the number of redraw calls to the windowing system will reduce
to only draw the final image. You don't have to call for the redraw
every time a child widget is being draw (which is one of the things that
slow down GTK, I think. Correct me if I am wrong, please.).

A last question:
Double buffered widgets could speed things up? I have heared some rumors
about new versions of GTK having this feature. How can this speed things
up?. I don't understand why. I think that the pixmap method described
earlier could totally resolve the problem, couldn't it?

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