Re: Ad-on hook idea (fwd) writes:

> When it comes to the wheel-scrolling thing, I have a little problem - I
> want _every_ button press/move/release that vis not used for something
> else for a the widget inside the scrolledwindow widget, to scroll the
> scrolledwindow widget. But I don't know how to get the knowledge of if
> some event has been used allready. If someone could help me with this, I
> would be ready with such a module in a few days!

FWIW, to deal with this problem, the existing mouse-wheel support
catches the scroll button events _before_ they are handled by anything
else. Search for 'scrollwheel' in gtkmain.c.

It isn't possible to add such a possibility in any sane way right now
from a module, though perhaps we should add generic "event snoopers"
like the key snoopers we have now.

So, two points:

 - I considered the left-over-mouse even approach before implementing
   the current mechanism and decided it wasn't useful.

 - A module that redirects left-over scrollwheel events to
   the relevant scrolled window would be rather useless, since
   GTK+ already will have sucked out all scrollwheel events
   that have a relevant scrolledwindow and sent them there
   before any other event processing happens.

I haven't tested the scrollwheel code recently, but when I
wrote it, I rebound my mouse to simulate the events and it
seemed to work.


[ Also, some people have suggested converting the button
  4-5 presses to a separate scrollwheel event at the GDK
  level for GTK+-1.4, which makes some sense to me,
  assuming that scrollwheel mice are here to stay. ] 


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