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While someone pointed out there is allready a module functionality in
place, there is not simple user interface for it, and no repository of
such plug-ins as there is for themes ( I've checked out, and it's unregistered. Somone wants to register and create such
a repository? I am unable to register one for my own computer, due to
restrictions from my ISP... But I'l gladly helping manage such a web-site!
In addition, if it is desirable, I'l create such a user front end as a
gnomecc plug-in (That modifies the .bashrc to set the GTK_MODULE env.
variable to what the users wants).

When it comes to the wheel-scrolling thing, I have a little problem - I
want _every_ button press/move/release that vis not used for something
else for a the widget inside the scrolledwindow widget, to scroll the
scrolledwindow widget. But I don't know how to get the knowledge of if
some event has been used allready. If someone could help me with this, I
would be ready with such a module in a few days!

Last, a question about the module system: Is it possible to create a
library call that Gtk programs could do to the module, that just returns
an error message if that module isn't loaded, and that calls some function
inside the module if it is loaded? Is there such a call allready?
With best regards,
Egil Möller

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