Re: CList glitch (some kind o off-topic response)

Emmanuel DELOGET wrote:

>     I don't think it is a very good idea to use a list widgetto display more
>     than a few hundreds of line. There should be some reasons for that :
>         * user may have to scroll during four hours to find the thing he
> wants

Oh, that's not a problem because list is sorted and I nailed it 
into scrolled window. So no problem finding needed word.

>         * if the entry are sorted, finding stuff is easier but the insertion
> of
>         items is very slow (something like O(n^2) if I remember the last
>         discussion about GList sorting here). That's probably why your
>         application is so slow when you use 50000 words (up to
>         2 500 000 000 operations ! whow !)

I'm just wondering why I see only two kinds of speeds of 
filling the list: fast and very slow, with no intermediate. 
There are no fillings which are some seconds long.

BTW, if I *prepend*, not *append* to the list, will it reduce the time
to O(n)? Is it possible?


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