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>I recently installed the newest version of the GNOME libs. While I am
>modfying GTK, sometimes thing crashes. And I want to know why. But nowdays
>GNOME programs just shows a nice dialog with a link to the
>crash-info-homepage. And does not dump a core file! How do I debug such a
>stupid program?! Dop anyone know how i force it to generate a core-file
>on crash?


There is also the GNOME_DISABLE_CRASH_DIALOG environment variable, so you
can avoid the annoying dialog while debugging. (This will leave crash
handling to the default handlers, which just dump core.)

However, you would be a lot better off just using gdb to attach to the
process and catching the crash in the act.

>By the way, I modified GtkWidget, in a way that enlarged the
>_GtkWidget-struct. This caused gnome programs to crash with an error about
>something somewhere in GtkBin... I tracked it down to the enlargement of
>GtkWidget (Insert a GtkWidget *foo in _GtkWidget, at the end). Is the size
>of that GtkObject hardcoded somewhere?

When you make binary-incompatible changes, you need to recompile everything
that depends on that structure.

If you don't want to rebuild things, instead of putting something in the
struct, you probably should just use object data and a couple of accessor

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