Re: Is there glib TODO?

On Wed, May 05, 1999 at 03:01:36PM -0400, Sergey I. Panov wrote:
> Are there any plans to change/improve glib? Is there glib HOWTO?
> I'd like to use glib (as STL for C) and be able to extend it for my
> purposes. E.g. I would have to add reference counting for some of the
> objects, add multi-dimentional arrays and sparse multi-dimentional
> arrays (non-zero areas mapped in to small multi-dimentional arrays).

yeah... I was wondering about that too because I wanted to write some more
advanced and faster special case memory allocators (which could probably be used
in gtk too.) A general reference counting mechanism would also be useful...
perhaps if one were to integrate the reference counting mechanism with the
memory allocator one would not have to worry about "inheritance" like semantics
in C. (ie the reference count for blocks could be stored with the memory
allocator records.) this is something i am writeing anyway and thought it might
be useful to integrate into glib... (there were other allocator advantages

any comments anyone? 
	is gtk-development just slow or am i on the wrong list?

John Meacham

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