GLIB CRC code for comment/testing

There's a 0.1 stab at some CRC code for glib at

Sorry for the delay, I haven't been feeling too good. It does

There are a couple of issues here:
        o API
        o Implementation

API: There are a couple of possible ways to go here. The primary
decision is as to whether we want to support multiple hashing
functions (i.e. CRC, MD5, MD4) via a single interface. If so, then I
would like to use functions called g_hash_*, hopefully without
causing confusion with the g_hash_table_* functions (or file names -
some renaming may be required). Otherwise we end up with g_crc_*
g_md5_* unless someone can think of another way of doing it.

Implemenation: I don't pretend to be an expert on CRC
implementations, but it looks fine to me :-)  I'm planning on getting
rid of the crc->high and crc->low stuff by having a variable length
array of ulong's to hold the result. The length would then be
indicated by crc->size (or some such).

Comments please.


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