Re: Text mode gtk

Owen Taylor wrote:
> Pavel Machek <> writes:
> > Hi!
> >
> > Some time ago you wrote me that [good] text mode gtk is impossible. I
> > tried to argue, and did not hear from you since then.
> >
> > Why do you think so? From my experiments it looks pretty usable.
> Hmmm, I'm not sure how to be polite about this...
>  Importance of keeping GTK+ working nicely in GUI mode 99.999%
>  Importance of getting GTK+ working in text mode 0.001%

I am a "customer" of gtk, not (much) of a developer.
I agree with this 100%. PLEASE do not burden the gtk
code with extra:

	build parameters
	runtime parameters
	dependence on termcap/terminfo
	funky text-mode interpretations of up-arrow=ESC-A
	and other assorted crud

to impress or assist the .001% of your audience that would find
such a "feature" useful. 

Part of every REALLY GOOD product is setting boundaries. Text-mode
is really something I believe GTK should avoid.

"Live Free or Die" is the motto of the state where I was born

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