Am I too impatient? was: [PATCH] Wheel mice (try one)

A week ago I submitted a patch to this list and still haven't received an
answer to it yet. This confuses me a bit, I was sure that this is the
right list to post patches for gtk+ (or should it go to gtk-list?)

Well: second try (no, you have to look up the patch in the archive by
yourself, shouldn't be to difficult :-).

The most important points in short:
- Shouldn't break binary compatibility (not in this universe)

- Shouldn't be very buggy (much code was copied)

- Flexible enough for future changes (new: gdk_std_modifier_mask) and
  themability (I think -- I didn't look at the themes code, but I suppose 
  themes have some kind of an init() function -- maybe the theme code
  should reset it when loading a new theme to have things working
  consistent when one uses a theme not aware of this variable)

- Can be used from app's event-handlers because the code is in an
  externally accessible function (maybe this shouldn't go in
  gtkwheel_aux.* but gtkauxiliary.* or else? I really didn't find an
  existing file where this would fit in) for cases where gtk_main_*()
  can't figure things out by itself.

I'm eager to hear comments, people!

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The use of COBOL cripples the mind. Its teaching, therefore, should be
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