Re: Proposal: Addition of a random number generator to GLib

Quoting Jeff Garzik (
> On Wed, 17 Mar 1999, Sebastian Wilhelmi wrote:
> > I propose to include a random number generator into GLib and I propose to
> > use Mersenne Twister, see
> > I have attached a patch to include the MT into GLib.
> Maybe wrap the platform rand interfaces?  There may be some reason to
> access the platform rand num generator instead of Glib's, and it would
> be nice if there was a portable way to do this (w/ drand48 and friends,
> not just rand and srand).
> Otherwise looks good.  This will nicely complement the checksum module I
> would like to add to Glib, for security work and authentication
> especially.

If people are interested I can add SHA-1 and MD5 into glib right away.


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