Re: GTK, Purify, some patches, etc.

On Wed, Mar 17, 1999 at 10:30:01AM +0100, Tim Janik wrote:

> > When running testgtk, grabbing a target in the 'Selection Test' and dragging
> > it yields an uninitialized memory error in gtk_list_motion_notify().  This
> > appears to be the reading of event->window in that code.  Should it be
> > initialized to event->window = list->window along with the other
> > initializations for 'event' in gtk_list_vertical_timeout()?
> hm, with the current setup the test for event->window == list->window will
> definitely fail, i thusly initialized the event->window with NULL and
> appropriatedly filled in the other portions of the even, such as type and
> send_event. the same applies for gtk_list_horizontal_timeout() btw.
> LARS: Lars, could you furtherly look into this?

I think the whole call to gdk_window_get_pointer is superfluous, I'll
remove it later and will change clists timeout functions likewise.
... gtk_text_scroll_timeout in gtktext.c should also initialize event->window.

> > In the 'clist' test, when called by 'create_clist()' and
> > 'insert_row_clist()' from testgtk, there uninitialized memory read errors
> > from the 'requisition' variable in gtk_clist_set_cell_style() where it has a
> > value read from it and passed to column_auto_resize().
> hm eventually we should always fill &requisition in this place...
> LARS: ?



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