Wheel mice patch, question

[Sorry for excessive crossposting, but I think this is of interest for all
three parties]

Hello, all,

I have some patches pending for handling wheel mice:
- Extended gtkmain.c for GtkScrolledWindow to use the horizontal bar when
  CTRL is pressed
- Extended gimp to honour wheel mice at all (at least in an image window),
  (with the honouring CTRL, too)

Now my question: Is it sensible to "hardcode" this to CTRL? I have the
impression that (keeping multiple platforms in mind) this should be
configurable ... a function or at least a macro a'la
'GDK_STD_MODIFIER_MASK', so it could resolve to CTRL (or would ALT be
better? or SHIFT?) on PCs, the apple (or similar) on Apples, whatever on
those obscure PDAs... maybe a function would suit better, so GNOME people
could have this configurable...

What's your opinion?


PS: I'd really like to have these changes publically available fast, so I
need some input whether just to ignore my thoughts on this issue (and
submit patches) or to wait for these indirections (GDK_STD_MODIFIER_MASK
or gdk_std_mod_mask()) to appear.
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