Re: new gstack, gqueue

On Sun, 7 Mar 1999, Jeff Garzik wrote:

> The following are two new ADTs I would like to add to Glib.  Are there
> any comments or suggestions before the initial commit?
> Code is in the GLIB_1_3_HACKS branch.
> Thanks,
> 	Jeff

jeff the gstack and gqueue stuff is so small (63 and 144 lines each), could
you put that into one file? e.g. glist-aux.c or somesuch (since it's implemented
piggy back on glist.c).

also the code could stand some coding style correction, e.g.

g_queue_push_front (GQueue  *queue,
                    gpointer data)
  if (queue)

instead of

g_queue_push_front (GQueue *q, gpointer data)
  if (q) {

and last but not least, we need appropriate copyright notices in the *.c


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