threads and gtk

Hi, Owen, Matthew and Wayne (and all the rest of course)

This mail is a reply to the messages

"[gtk-list] help with threads" from Wayne


"menuitems and threads bug?" from Matthew.

Both mails describe the same problem. Thank you, Wayne for posting some
sample code and thanks to Matthew for pointing out the problem. I looked
into it and think, I have a slighly better soloution (see appended patch).

And now the message to Owen:

As I'm not very familiar with gtk+, I've included a patch for you to
review. While doing the patch, I checked similiar situations in gtk and
found two more problems: They are both solved in the patch. Again, I'm not
sure, if they are right, but I strongly suppose it.

If you approve, I'll commit then, write ChangeLogs etc.


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